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I’ve seen my fair share of births. A few of my own, hundreds of other peoples and I’ve seen almost every scenario that you could ever imagine. But, one scenario I certainly wasn’t familiar with, was creating and “giving birth” to an online business.  

What’s made it much easier is that Hatched Online is really just an evolution, my 2nd business child if you will. Our on-location (here in Tauranga) Hatched Antenatal classes were launched in 2017. This came about after 8 years working as a midwife and noticing that while women were somewhat prepared for the birth itself, they were not so well prepared for life with their newborn. Our aim has always been to equip the Hatched community to feel confident and prepared for their exciting journey ahead and provide plenty of practical tips and advice on how to care for your new born.

I started Hatched because I believe the quality of antenatal education available in New Zealand (and globally) could be improved. While there are already online antenatal classes available, parents need access to expert insights and professionally delivered learning.

Working within the hospital system, what I saw was that women were well prepared for their labour and birth (something you really have little control over) but many people didn’t seem to know many of the basic skills I think are essential for the first weeks at home with their newborn (the parts you can have a bit more control over).

I had an idea to create an antenatal course that informed women of all their choices for labour and birth, regardless of my own opinions. The thing is though, I really have very few opinions after being on the other side for 3 births that were all very different.

Prior to my babies being born, I always said I wanted a homebirth, wanted my baby in her own bed, didn’t want to use dummies and so on. Little did I know that all of those things went out the window once my little girl came along. It’s funny how we all have quite strong opinions prior to becoming mums, oh how things change!

So with this in mind, I created a course with a focus on empowering each couple that comes along to feel confident in the decisions they make, and try to eliminate some of the negative feelings that some couples seem to have with certain outcomes.

As a midwife of 10 years and a mother of 4, I believe it’s crucial that parents are prepared for any eventuality in labour and feel great about whatever type of birth they end up having.

I have now run over 15 of these antenatal courses in Tauranga with great feedback, so I had a plan to offer this class to expecting parents all around New Zealand and beyond. This is how Hatched Online was birthed.

I get that this is an entirely new approach to professional antenatal care. Taking something that has always traditionally been done on-location and turning it into an online course. What we do recognize is that consumer behaviour has changed & the way that life is these days. People are now more comfortable learning content online and the busy lives that modern consumers lead, mean they are always looking for more convenient ways to live and learn.

Some of the reasons that we believe that Hatched Online would be ideal for expecting parents:

  • If you live rurally or away from main towns. We realize that women often don’t have access to antenatal education easily in these situations.

  • One or both people work long or unusual hours.

  • You’ve been put on bed rest & can’t make it to a class.

  • If you live busy lives and can’t commit to a class on a weekly basis.

  • Would prefer to avoid the group setting but still want the antenatal education.

  • If you live overseas & want New Zealand education alongside your care there.

  • And it can be a great refresher for those who have had a baby before but would love a recap before their new addition arrives.

We would love you to become a part of our journey too!!

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